A very sad day at the sanctuary at the beginning February, Jess a grand old lady of 41 was put to sleep. Time had eventually caught up with her. The Sanctuary will never be the same again and everybody was there to say good bye. She had returned to the sanctuary after many happy years out on loan. She was loved by a lot of children (now adults) who used tostill come and see her.  

 Robin our blind little Shetland pony who along with his partner Rosie (who passed away a few years ago) came to the Sanctuary many years ago has sadly earlier this year passed away. He lost his companion for many years, Jess who made sure he was always ok, a few weeks before but she herself was very elderly. It was very sad but he had many happy years at Southcott being well looked after and very spoilt. We have no idea how old he was, but do know that he probably was one of our oldest equines along with Jess so probably around 40 years old. 

Pippin a beautiful boy who so sadly died this year from colic.  He had been with us for many years and had enjoyed a peaceful life at Southcott.  He went far too soon.